Taking the time to look at your business operations as a whole and the business outcomes you want to achieve with your cloud strategy is at the core of how we help.

Bill has experienced first hand the before and after results of a cloud conversion. In his words, it was awesome.

As the general manager of a business that moved its office operations to the cloud, Whitley Productivity Group owner Bill Whitley was a customer of one of the companies with which his company now works, NeoCloud, and he experienced first hand the before and after of a cloud conversion.

Among the immediate benefits experienced in a managed cloud environment was data securely stored and backed up, along with the ability to access email, calendars, contacts and company files remotely.

They gained the flexibility to work on the same proposal or project together regardless of the team members’ locations. Transitions between employees were more seamless. Meetings were quickly scheduled through shared calendars rather than email exchanges. And, when any staff member had a question, they were fully supported by NeoCloud via phone or email rather than taking the time of an on-site administrator in the company.

Additionally, over 30 years of sales, sales management and general management experience gives Bill hands-on insight into how the customer relationship management tools offered by our group can be adopted and used effectively within these business ecosystems.

The bottom line: With a cloud-based office, the entire team began to operate faster, more efficiently and safer. 

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